Why Should You Sell Your House for Cash

Why Should You Sell Your House for Cash?

Why Should You Sell Your House for Cash?

When “the times dictate the climate”, many urgent scenarios may arise that need you to sell your house for cash fast. Real estate professionals will always be trying to make their services attractive to you, and they do provide a needed function in today’s fast-paced world. But as the contracts for work may be waiting for you in a new city or unexpected event such as a foreclosure or divorce occurs, a trustworthy and fair cash for home investor may be able to help you within a much shorter period of time. With C&S Homes’ rapid assistance, you won’t have to be concerned with extensive repairs, and can allow us to purchase your property in its current state. They can also help settle estates and regularly buy houses with the tenants in place.

Avoiding the Commission Compromise

This is a major factor in why you should sell your house for cash. No matter what the condition of the property, speed of transaction, or negotiation process, agents are usually going to command around a 6% fee for their efforts plus closing costs, seller concessions and prorations. It could cost about 8% of the sale price to sell your home through an agent. If you are dealing with a purchasing party that needed the all-important loan approval, a realtor scenario could turn sour at the last minute. An experienced cash for home investor like us will help with closing costs as well as the moving expenses and prorations which catch so many off guard during this period of duress.

Foregoing the Fuss Over Curb Appeal

The traditional means of working with a realtor means frequent property showing, and the repetition of an open house. When time is tight, it is a huge benefit to not have to worry about keeping the property immaculately clean. Allowing us to use our resources to purchase your home will assure that you won’t need an overabundance of foot traffic in and out to ease your financial burden!

If you have found yourself facing a situation that you cannot handle, C&S Homes can give you an offer for your home quickly! We have seen so many individuals that have encountered misfortune, and we know that the need for a rapid cash sale can stem from many various events. If bill collectors are hounding you or you have finally decided that you need a fresh start sooner than traditional means can offer, set up an appointment with us today!

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