Avoid Bankruptcy by Selling Your House Fast

C&S Homes has purchased bankruptcymany homes from people involved in or facing bankruptcy in Colorado. We know how to handle the legal ramifications including dealing with the bankruptcy attorneys and trustees. Let our experienced professionals and resources go to work for you, so we can provide a custom solution for you and your home.

Are You Facing or Currently in Bankruptcy? 

If you are in one of the following bankruptcy circumstances, let us help you!

We have been buying properties from homeowners in or facing bankruptcy or foreclosure in Colorado since 2002. We use our own money to buy your house which means we can close in as little as 48 hours and give you cash for your home. This could mean you can avoid bankruptcy by selling your house fast AND avoid damaging your credit score.

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There is no obligation to sell your house. You will receive a fast and fair offer on your house that will avoid bankruptcy and save you from bad credit. Exploring all the options and making you no-obligation cash offer on your property is our top priority. Additionally, we will work with you to ensure you need to pay no closing costs out of pocket! If you do accept our offer, we then can help you avoid bankruptcy or help you catch back up on your bankruptcy payments.

C&S Homes buys hundreds of homes in situations just like yours. Check out our REVIEWS!

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