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Facing Foreclosure?

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What are your options? We have dealt with homes in foreclosure for over 13 years. We understand all the nuances and timing issues that stem from foreclosure. In Utah, once foreclosure is started, it takes about 4 months for a home to actually foreclosed on. However, the closer we get to that foreclosure date, the more difficult it becomes for us to help. Call us now and we will meet with you and provide you with a confidential and no obligation solution.

Going through a Divorce?

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If You Are Facing Divorce, We Can Help!

We have helped structure the sale of many homes due to a divorce situation. We understand how sensitive and tense these situations can be. Let our experience and resources help you find the best resolution in the sale of your home.

Expired Listing?

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Is Your Listing Expired or Expiring? We Can Help!

It’s more common than you might think to list your home with an agent and not sell it. Unfortunately, some agents will tell you they can get you a high price so they can lock up your house with a listing agreement for several months. Then they come back and try and talk you into either fixing your house up even more or coming way down on the price. Give us a call and we will give you a straight forward offer and then you can decide what you’d like to do from there.


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We have purchased many homes from folks involved in or facing Bankruptcy. We know how to handle the legal ramifications including dealing with the bankruptcy trustee. Let our experience and resources go to work for you, so we can provide a custom solution for you and your home. Call us right away at (801) 939-0123!

Bad Tenants?

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Bad Tenants Causing You Problems?

We specialize in this! We are landlords ourselves and have personally dealt with many of the problems that can come from bad tenants. We know just how to help, no matter what the problem is! We’ve seen just about everything when it comes to having a rental, like: Lawsuits, properties sitting vacant with no income, tenant vandalism, bank busting maintenance costs, and so on… any one of these can bankrupt you! You don’t have to deal with this anymore! Just give us a call and we will help. We will buy your property as-is and can even buy it with the problem tenants in the property. Many landlords don’t want to deal with evicting the tenants and spending the tens of thousands of dollars to fix the property up. We can do all of this for you, so you can quickly get your property sold and move on to more important matters.

No Equity?

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No Equity In Your Home? We Can Help!

We have purchased many homes with little or no equity and turned very stressful situations for the homeowners into a huge win. We have the experience needed to help!

Late on your Mortgage?

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If You Are Behind on Your Payments, We Can Help!

We have buy homes all the time in this situation. Time is the enemy and if the foreclosure process has started, the situation can get complex. Let us work with you and help you avoid a possible foreclosure. We can find a solution for your situation!


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If You Are Transferring, We Can Help!

Unexpected job transfers can create short moving and selling timelines. They can also create a cash crunch. We can sincerely help you with a fast offer in your hands to help you consider all of your options. We can even get some cash in your hands up front, if needed and if it fits your situation. We want you to be able to move on to your new and exciting opportunities without having to worry about selling your house.

Handling an Estate?

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Have You Inherited a House? We Can Help!

We have helped a lot of folks who are handling an estate that have a home they want to sell. We understand how sensitive and emotional this can be. There are a lot of unique challenges that come along with selling a home in Probate or in an Estate and we have the experience and the ability to help you and the heirs, no matter what the situation is or the condition of the home.


Our professional, experienced home selling solutions team helps homeowners like you sell your Pueblo, Colorado Springs, or Canon City house fast, with no hassle, no fees, and on your schedule. We buy houses fast in Colorado. If you find yourself saying "I need to sell my COLORADO  house fast", we'll help you sell your house fast no matter it’s condition or your financial status.

The process is simple and won’t cost you a thing. Get started by calling 719-345-2295 or filling out our free cash offer form to give us general information about your Pueblo, Colorado Springs, or Canon City home or property.


  • We will buy your Pueblo, Colorado Springs, or Canon City house fast with cash
  • Cover your normal closing costs
  • Buy the property “as is”
  • Close on your time frame, even if it’s within a couple of days
  • No obligation to accept the offer

Sell YOUR House Fast IN COLORADO When Facing These Situations:

Most importantly, we listen to your needs and make the offer work for you. In all of our years buying property we have never been able to purchase a Pueblo, Colorado Springs, or Canon City property for cash in which the seller wasn’t fully on board with the sale. You can see through our multiple testimonials just how satisfied our sellers are. Give us a chance to help you by giving us a call or filling out the form right now. You have nothing to lose.

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