We Buy Houses Late on Mortgage Payments!

Life can change in an instant making it hard to make your mortgage payments on time. Anyone who has struggled with finances knows just how much stress it can cause and can lead you to be late on mortgage payments. Let us help ease your financial burden and prevent you from going into foreclosure or bankruptcy by selling your CO house asap and getting cash for your home. If you have started to pile up past due mortgage payments, the time to act is now.

We help by providing you a fast and fair cash offer on your home in Colorado. Since we use our own money to buy your home, we can close in as little as 48 hours, or we can close on your schedule.

We buy hundreds of homes in Mortgage situations just like yours. 

Many unexpected things happen to good people, such as job loss or health problems. These things can put you in a financial bind and can cause you to miss making your monthly mortgage payments. Sometimes, you reach a point when there is no more catching up…

Your lender can drop the hammer and call the entire loan due. At that point, you can face the very grim reality of losing your house to foreclosure and ruining your credit. We can provide you with a workable, respectable solution to your financial dilemma. We will buy your house that is late on mortgage payments to avoid possible bankruptcy or foreclosure.

The best part is, we can even make up your back payments for you and remove that stress from you entirely. Additionally, we will be sure to incorporate your closing costs within the offer to ensure you are paying nothing out of pocket!

C&S Homes has a solution to every situation. Give us a call today if you need to sell your CO house asap!

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