What Are Closing Costs When I Sell My House for Cash in Colorado

What Are Closing Costs When I Sell My Home for Cash in Colorado?

What Are Closing Costs When I Sell My Home for Cash in Colorado?

When selling your house for cash in Colorado, it appears as all of your issues will suddenly be solved! You can envision a way out of financial distress and solve the problem of having to relocate quickly or may need to remedy a substantial “underwater” situation. As you excitedly await your payout, there are numerous fees, such as closing costs, that can reduce your net proceeds after the entire process is over.

What Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs absorbed by the seller usually end up being around 8% to 10% of the home’s sale price. They begin with the commission for the agent, as well past property tax amounts that are prorated. The transfer tax or title fee is specific to your state, and the actual title insurance provides protection from any other party that can claim ownership from the past. Your escrow provider charges a fee of around 1% of the entire transaction to offer an official recording of the deed and miscellaneous fees for the notary and office duties.

Does C & S Have Closing Costs? 

We do not charge the seller for any closing costs! Our business model has been carefully cultivated after taking a close look at what customers are experiencing when they encounter various surprises during their property sale. This is a time where packed boxes, hasty plans, and new neighborhoods are daunting enough, and we took it upon ourselves to offer more than just a no-closing cost transaction. Above and beyond not taking extra from you we have come up with other ways to provide for you during this hectic time and will find ways to assist with your sudden burden of moving expenses.

When you choose to work with C & S Homes, we strive to offer a beacon of light for those experiencing difficulty and pledge to not add closing costs and help you secure funds to tie up loose ends during your relocation. Fill out this form now to talk with an expert today!

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