Why Should You Sell Your House for Cash

How To Sell an Inherited House

How To Sell an Inherited House

After the tragic reality of losing a loved one occurs, there are many ways to handle the various assets from the legacy they leave behind. Here at C & S Homes, we buy properties in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canon City that you may have required as the result of an inheritance. There are many things to consider that need your attention immediately and skipping the step of hiring a traditional Realtor commanding a 6% fee for their efforts (plus closing costs, seller concessions, and prorations) will still allow you to accomplish the following “vitals” through us here at C & S Homes while also saving money.

  • Establishing the Status of Said Estate – One of the ways to acquire property through a family member is Probate. This is the court-supervised process that oversees the dividing up of the estate and puts existing debts as the highest priority while then moving towards the final sale of the house. C&S Homes can help direct you to the court’s web page to fill out the needed paperwork whether or not there is a Will. Although we are not attorneys who provide advice or legal counsel, we have done enough estate sales to know where you can find answers.
  • The Transfer on Death Deed allows for the direct inheritance of the property without the cost or due process of probate. With this type of deed in place, you can proceed with full confidence as soon as you feel ready, without any red tape.
  • A Living Trust is a document that integrates the inheritance of all the parental assets, with parents altering the fine points while still living, and allowing for a fairly quick sale.
  • Identifying the Estate Executor and Notifying all Interested Parties is the process that is needed to clearly make out exactly who the heirs are and determine which is the chosen one as executor that has the authority to set the pace and determine the fractions of vested interest.

An experienced real estate agent can be very useful during this process, as they have extensive knowledge of the proceedings and characteristics of inheritance. However, finding an agent best fit to help you may be time-consuming and expensive. So, you should also strongly consider selecting a ready, able, trustworthy, and fair buyer to sell the home for cash.

Contact us here today at C & S Homes to instantly find the solution to your problem. So many things have changed regarding real estate and the current climate, but the principles remain the same when you are looking for a way to have a cash buyer step in and clear things off your plate “as is”. You may have inherited a house that does not justify keeping or may have received an unexpected windfall that a judgment or divorce claimant can have a potential lien on. If you are behind on mortgage payments, you can contact us NOW to have a positive impact on your future and a team of experts who can give you a fair price for your inherited property!

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