Selling a House As-Is: What Does That Mean?

Selling a House As-Is: What Does That Mean?

Should You Sell Your House As-Is?

Depending on your situation, it may be to your advantage to sell a house as-is. C&S Homes have purchased properties from those in the midst of bankruptcy, divorce, and other sensitive situations where the most attractive option is to just walk away stress-free. Selling your house as-is means that you won’t have to arrange for any repairs or deal with any contractors – the whole point is that you’re able to literally walk away from the home, get paid in , and be done with it. There are no contingencies, no appraisals, no loan approvals, NO banks to communicate with. When you sell a house as-is to C&S Homes, we pay cash in exchange for your keys, and you can drive off into the sunset.

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The Disadvantage to Selling Your House As-Is

When you sell a house as-is, you are most likely going to face a slightly purchase price than if you complete all repairs and bring it up to show quality. However, unlike many other companies out there, C&S Homes will always provide a fair price for your home.

Sell a House As-Is to C&S Homes

If you know that selling your house as-is is the right choice for you, C&S Homes is ready to provide support with a fast, streamlined process to price your home fairly so that you’re able to walk away with the confidence of knowing that you’ve made the right choice. Contact us today to get a quote for your home or give us a call today at 719-351-0388 and we’ll take care of the !

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