Can You Sell Your House if it's in Foreclosure?

Can You Sell Your House if it is in Foreclosure?

Can You Sell Your House if it is in Foreclosure?

Once the bank who now has the rights to your mortgage has notified you that you are in foreclosure, you may find yourself wondering about selling altogether. These can feel like dark days, but they don’t have to be! Even when times are great, all it takes is one mishap to leave you worried about paying your most important expense: your monthly mortgage. If you have been notified you have been behind, as hard as it is, it is now imperative to at least reach out to the lender to attempt to make any alternative arrangement or payment plans possible before the process to take away your property advances.

The Foreclosure Process Has Not Begun Yet. Can I still Take Action?

This is the BEST time to take action. You may be able to take some time to stage the house as best you can, and if you are too late, you may have to list at lower than market value price just to win in the now looming race against time. Even if the company now holding your mortgage has begun the foreclosure process, you can still opt to sell the home independently. Since Colorado is experiencing such a dire inventory shortage right now, getting in touch with us right away here at C&S Homes may be the choice that brightens your future during a dark time.

Sell Your House BEFORE Foreclosure

If you have reached the point where you are 60-90 days behind on your mortgage, one of the most important things to remember is that you have valuable equity in your home. Where we can provide the most help is by not allowing you to bear a negative mark on your credit, and even provide valuable assistance in one area where many others fall short: the cost of moving expenses when you have already been facing more incoming bills with past due notices. Call us Today at 719-435-2295 to sell a house in foreclosure: our team will be able to know which approach is best for you. You are under no obligation, and this could be the perfect time to begin a new chapter of your life and leave the difficult details to us!

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