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Testimonials of Sellers

Hi Colm!

We purchased your house on 2906 8th Avenue in Pueblo. You took such good care of us when the whole plumbing issue popped up right after buying. We feel so blessed that you took such compassion on us. Especially being first time buyers! We appreciate you beyond words. I'm contacting you because my husband and I just accepted new teaching jobs at Harrison School District in Colorado Springs. We absolutely LOVE our house here in Pueblo, but would like to relocate to Springs. We want to move soon, since the school year starts Aug 11th, but also want to find the perfect place. You and your business were the first to come to mind. Would you be able to buy and/or sell us a home? This will be the first time we've sold a home, so we're a little clueless, but quick learners. Email me back if you guys have services and are interested.

God bless!
Melissa Geis

Colm & Suzi McCormack,

I wanted to tell you Thank you for taking the time to help me find deals and educating me along the way.

Last November I bought a home from you on Adrian for $15,000.00, put almost $20,000.00 into it and the appraisal came back at $46,000.00. I took out a loan to get all the money that I had in the home, and then rented it for $625.00 per month.

Thank you,


Hello Colm & Suzi McCormack,

I just wanted to say "Thanks" for buying my Aunt's house. It was a difficult decision to sell a house that had been in the family 58 years. You were courteous and personable when we met and that helped with my decision making process. The whole transaction went very smoothly and quickly and was handled in a professional manner. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks again.

Best regards,
Eric Johnson